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Celebrate the love of films this Thanksgiving week-end!

For 2020, it was necessary for us to reimagine our audience-film connection due to Covid-19. The Board of the Meaford Culture Foundation endeavoured to curate the same memorable Meaford International Film Festival (MIFF) experience and quality that our loyal patrons have come to expect.

This year’s MIFF will be virtual but you can expect a premium on-line experience with a professional platform provider, CTRE Productions.

MIFF will take you to Japan, Poland, Sudan and back to Canada with award-winning international films. We will have directors, producers and other prestigious guest speakers discussing the films and other relevant social issues.

And for our local viewers, there will be the same MIFF Dinner options, delivered right to your front door.

So please tune in to learn, be inspired and connect with a global community!